Clear braces and their previous counterpart have a lot in common which is why most of the benefits they yield are the same. What’s different then? Appearance. These ceramic transparent braces hold many good reasons to use them than you might think:

1.    Confidence Boost

Going for transparent braces rather than metal ones makes you one step closer to a fully confident and successful person. With these braces, you are achieving your oral health goals and also keeping yourself from being embarrassed in front of your mates.

Looking forward to the ultimate result of the struggles during the treatment also keeps up your morale. All the time you had to miss opportunities due to your lack of confidence in your looks will now be worth it. When you go to family gatherings, friends’ meetups, or any other function with your head held high. Just keep imagining that to get through this phase.

2.    Improved Oral Health

The majority of people are unaware but they are slowly progressing with oral health issues by overlooking the symptoms. Most common issues people get braces for are:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Open Bite
  • Crossbite
  • Teeth Gapping
  • Overcrowding

All of these above problems are mostly related to misalignment of jaws and teeth. Each of them takes their time to curate results and treatment time plan is also different for every patient according to the severeness of their problems.

3.    Single Visit A Month

Every patient gets their own schedule after the complete dental examination. However, normally it is recommended to at least once a month as the wires in the braces need to be tightened and brackets to be changed to make a difference.

It is also suggested to visit your respective dental in case you feel one of the brackets losing the bond with the tooth even on the next day of your last appointment. As the consequences of keeping the braces set this way can be severe.

4.    Perfect Blend

Clear braces have the features to hide in plain sight. They are made of ceramic material which can also be found in the color of your teeth. This is how they can easily blend in your mouth, making it hard for a normal distant eye to notice any difference.

Modern frosted wires are flexible and the ceramic brackets come in wide range of colors for you to choose. Most of the times patients with clear braces go for transparent or the color of their teeth.

5.    More Durable

The ceramic brackets once get stained that is going nowhere until they are replaced. Even after strong recommendations about what to eat and what not people are still persistent in going against the orders for no reason at all. Then they end up damaging their brackets or wires.

One of the features of these braces is that they can bear the pressure to a noticeable amount rather unlike fragile aligners which are extremely sensitive in comparison. Also, those aligners have a lot of cases of hurting gums due to their bigger sizes.

Whereas these clear braces are known for their perfect fits and material quality which improve the alignment of jaws and teeth to encourage a handsome happy face with a real and confident smile with the least struggle.

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