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Comprehensive Dental Examination

While regular brushing and flossing are imperative to maintain good oral health, complete oral ...

Oral Hygiene

Fluoride in toothpaste prevents tooth decay. It remineralizes the teeth. Fluoride gets absorbed by the enamel ...

Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that is placed over a tooth to cover the tooth to restore ...

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is applied to a tooth that has either severely decayed or is infected. The purpose of the treatment ...


A tooth extraction (tooth pulling) is the removal of teeth from the dental alveolus (socket) in the alveolar bone ...

Orthodontics or Braces

Want straight teeth? Straighten your teeth with Invisalign, Six Months Smiles, or Myobrace treatment offered


Dentures are artificial replacements for your natural teeth and gums. If an accident, a disease, or poor oral health care ...

Dental Implants

When a tooth is lost, it is important to fill up the vacant slot with an implanted tooth as the jaw bone holding the tooth ...

Gum Therapy

Non- surgical gum therapy is a conservative way of treating gum disease. Gum disease is a chronic infection resulting from a build-up ...

Restorative Dentistry

Nowadays fillings can be natural looking. Many people are more conscious about the way they look

Cosmetic Dentistry

For that infectious and beautiful smile seek our professional help and improve the appearance of your mouth and teeth.


Bruxism is a condition in which you grind, gnash, or clench your teeth. Teeth grinding in Bruxism can occur at any time of the day.

Family Dentistry

Leave behind all your dental concerns and let us take care of your dental health at all stages of life