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Family Dentistry encompasses an amazing array of services and procedures at different stages of life, all with a common goal: to help preserve your natural teeth in a functional and healthy state for as long as possible.

Family Dentistry addresses oral health needs at every stage of life. Children have different oral health needs as compared to adults. We also recognize that children fear going to the dentist. We try a gentle approach so that children will develop a positive association with routine dental check-ups and care.


Pediatric Dentistry is actually very important ensuring lifelong good dental health for your child. My Family Dental Clinic is proud to offer pediatric dentistry for children of all ages. During these exams, we will monitor the growth of your child’s teeth and check if there are cavities or damage taking place. You can bring your child as soon as their first tooth erupts. We recommend parents bring their child in at a young age to become comfortable with dental visits.

Our goal for adults is to maintain the best health and appearance for your smile. This is also a time in life when some of us decide to give ourselves the gift of a beautiful smile. Whether you are interested in whitening or something more we can help. Through all the stages of life, we can take care of your dental needs.